Foster Preservation Society

Scituate Reservoir Greenway Project


The Greenway project, sponsored and financed by the RIDEM, has provided us with a map of historic and cultural resources in Foster. The goal of the project is to create linkage between the individual historic buildings and landscapes to build a network, a Greenway, to protect these assets, which define Foster.  Protection will take the form of  regulations introduced into our Town Ordinances.

The map is available in the FPS office and in the Town Planner's office. We invite you to volunteer to help on this project.  Buildings that have been identified, using the 1982 RI Historic Preservation Commission Report, P-F-1, must be verified, and evaluated for changes (additions/demolition) that have been made since 1982.

This will be an important project in the future as new zoning provisions are introduced to make the Greenway a reality.  The project offers many opportunities for a cooperative effort between the Preservation Society, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Foster Land Trust and other community groups.


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