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Route 6 Rezoning Project



Since 1982, our Comprehensive Plans have recommended that the commercial strip zoning along Route 6 be diminished before the entire length of the road is developed with "strip-malls" and other commercial development that mushrooms along the sides of the highway without concern for safety, need, attractiveness and sympathy with our country environment.  The Society was active in helping to reevaluate the existing conditions on Route 6 which ultimately led to the rezoning of this highway in 2010.


Rezoning Route 6 Documents


Route 6 Rezoning Map




Read more about rezoning in the Town of Foster 2003 Comprehensive Plan.


After much research on this issue, the Planning Board presented a Route 6 rezoning proposal to the Foster Town Council in August 2010.  The proposal was accepted and formally enacted by the Town Council on September 9, 2010.



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