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Calendar of Events



Foster Memorial Day Parade

Monday May 30, 2016 at 8:30 am



Parade will progress along Foster Center Road in a southerly direction from the intersection of North road to Howard Hill Road.


Dedication of new WW II monument and speaking program will take place at the Ben Eddy building immediately following parade.





July 29, 30, & 31, 2016

Admission: $5.00

Children under 12 are free



Follow Rt. 6 to Rt. 94 South to Fairgrounds,


Follow Rt. 102 to Rt. 94 North to Fairgrounds,




Click on link for MapQuest directions.

Fairgrounds are located directly behind the Foster Town Hall and Police Station.


VENDORS - If you would like to rent a booth or other space at Old Home Days, please contact: Janet Brayton at 647-2332 or via email at:



Foster Old Home Days Schedule of Events


FRIDAY - 7/29

5:00 pm   4-H Beef Show


5-7:00 pm  Chowder & Clam Cake Supper - Cost: $10. (In the Supper Shed)

                   (Tom Swanson & Jim Van Gieson - musical entertainment during dinner)


5-7:00 pm   Master Gardener’s Dressed Zucchini (in the Master Gardener's Tent)


5:30 pm   **Pony Pulls** (In the Riding Ring)


6:00 pm   4-H Swine Show

                Fiber Art Competition Entries Accepted (In the Craft tent)

                   Barley Hoppers - Music (On the stage)


7:00 pm   AWARDS - Foster Town Council and Foster Preservation Society (On the stage)


8:00 pm   Bingo in the Supper Shed (Northern RI 4-H)               


9:00 pm   Foster Idol  (On the stage)





8:00 am   Breakfast in the Supper Shed


8:30 am   **Old Home Days Horse Show** (In the Riding Ring)


9:00 am   4-H Rabbit Showmanship (In the Rabbit Barn)

                4-H Poultry Showmanship (In the Poultry Barn)

                4-H Dairy Show (In the Rabbit Barn)

                Master Gardeners Dressed Zucchini (In the Master Gardener's Tent)


11:00 am  4-H Goat Show


Noon - 3:00 pm   4-H Chicken B-B-Q (At the Supper Shed)

                               1/2 chicken dinner -- $10.50

                               1/4 chicken dinner -- $9.00

                               a la carte items will also be available

                       Old Time Fiddlers - Music (On the stage)


1:00 pm    Pie Baking Contest  (In the Supper Shed)


2:00 pm    Children’s Pie Eating Contest (In the Supper Shed)

                 Spinning Bee (In the Craft tent)

                 4-H Sheep Show (In the 4-H tent)

                 4-H Chicken/Rabbit Show (In the 4-H tent)

             American Martial Arts Demo (On the stage)


4:00 pm    **Women’s Skillet Toss** (In the Riding Ring)


5:00 pm   Foster Idol (On the stage)


5-7:00 pm   Ham or Pulled Pork & Bean Supper - Cost: $10 for adults,

                   $5 for kids 5-12, little ones free.  (South Foster Fire Co.

                   Ladies Auxiliary)

                   (Tom Swanson & Jim Van Gieson Music entertainment during dinner)


6:00 pm   **Antique Tractor Pulls** (In the Riding Ring)

                4-H Rooster Crowing Contest (In the 4-H tent)

             4-H Bunny Race  (In the 4-H tent)


7:30 pm    Super Chief Trio - Music (On the stage)


8:00 pm    Bingo in the Supper Shed - Northern RI 4H




SUNDAY - 7/31

8:00 am    Breakfast in the Supper Shed


8:30 am    **The Kenneth Lane Draft Horse Show and Demonstration** (In the Riding Ring)


9:00 am    Ecumenical Church Service (On the stage)

                  (Note: if it is raining, the service will be held in the Foster Center Baptist Church.)

                  4-H Premier Showmanship (Location TBA)


11:00 am   American Martial Arts (On the stage)


12:00 pm  Ray Cooke – Singer/Songwriter (On the stage)


1:00 pm    4-H Chicken B-B-Q (Near the supper shed)

                 4-H Sheep Lead Line Show (In the 4-H tent)

                 Cookie Baking Contest (In the Supper Shed)


2:00 pm   Children’s Pie Eating Contest (In the Supper Shed)

                South Foster Volunteer Fire Company - 2150 Club Drawing

                Men's Horseshoes (location TBA)


2:30 pm   Bingo NRI 4-H Fair (in the Supper Shed)

             Steve Malec – Music (On the stage)


4:00 pm   **FFA Woodsman Contest** (In the Riding Ring)

                Foster Idol (On the stage)





Special Attractions:

FFA Educational Display - FFA Barn

Historic Blacksmith Shop

Rhode Island Bee Keepers Association

Shingle making on a Portable Antique Shingle Mill


Foster Preservation Society - Located in the Town House.  Silent Auction, Cabot Cheese sale, Historical and Genealogical information will be available, as well as old photographs, etc.  Books, maps and t-shirts will be on sale.


Ray Wolf - Author of "Foster" and a number of other books of local interest will be set up in the Foster Town House throughout the fair.





16th Annual Flower Arranging Contest

Bring your arrangements to the Town House, on Thursday,

July 23 between 6:00 & 8:00 pm


                           Two divisions for each category:

1) children 14 and under,

2) adults.


1st Category

"Blossoms in a Tea Cup"

Arrangement in a tea cup


2nd Category

“Summer Play”

Best arrangement incorporating a Toy.


3rd Category

“Chef's Delight”

An arrangement in a kitchen container.


Size limit:  18 inches wide x 8 inches long x 3 feet high.



Zucchini Dressing Contest

Friday, July 24 -  between 5:00 & 7:00pm


Dress and decorate a zucchini and bring it to the

Master Gardener's tent





Pie Baking Contest

Saturday, July 25 - at 12:30 pm sharp.

In the Supper Shed


1.  Bring your cream or fruit pie(s) in a disposable pie plate to the Supper Shed.

2.  Extra points if you bring your recipe.

3.  Be sure to attach your name and address to your pie plate.


There is no limit to the number of pies an individual may enter.



Cookie Baking Contest

Sunday, July 26 - at 12:30 pm sharp.

In the Supper Shed


 1.  Bring six cookies from the same recipe on a disposable plate to the supper shed.

 2.  Fill out the entry form.

 3.  Judging at 1:00 pm.

 4.  Cookies are the property of FOSTER OLD HOME DAYS.

 5.  Cookies are for sale tot he public after the judging for 25 cents per cookie.

 6.  EXTRA POINTS for recipe.


Be sure to attach your name and address to your disposable  plate.



Children’s Pie Eating Contest

Saturday  - 1:00 pm

Sunday - 2:00 pm

In the Supper Shed




Carl Broccoli - Chair Caning

Randy Peckham – Potter

Frank Reedy – Woodcarving (Friday & Saturday)

Braider of the Lost Art – Rug Braiding

RI Spinners Guild – Spinning & Weaving, Knitting & Crocheting




Master Gardeners - Located in the Supper Shed

Bring a soil sample from your garden to be tested.

Ask a Master Gardener questions about your garden problems.





Special Thanks to:


Town of Foster Department of Public Works


Frederickson Farms

1051 Chopmist Hill Road, Scituate, RI


Jordan Sawmill

201 Saw Mill Hill Road, Sterling, CT


Niagara Pool Filling Company


Scituate Lumber

622 Danielson Pike, Scituate, RI


Shady Acres Restaurant

164 Danielson Pike, Foster, RI


Ryan Vertefeuille

Antique Tractors


And all the volunteers who help to make Foster Old Home Days a success.



Click here to see some of our past programs and events.





Foster Preservation Society

P.O. Box 51

Foster, RI 02825

Phone (401) 397-5687